Sponsor Holly and change a deaf person's life

Holly will help a deaf person to stop feeling isolated and alone. She'll become their ears, and their best friend too. You can sponsor Holly from just £5 a month.

Photo of a cute cockapoo puppy next to a welcome pack box with soft toy, postcards  and other goodies. Text reads: Amazing welcome pack!

How you can change deaf people's lives

A puppy running excitedly towards the camera, ears flapping and mouth open

Dog Lovers Wanted

Could you volunteer to help care for and train one of our puppies?

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Book your Christmas Lunch Party at The Grange

Celebrate Christmas with family, friends, colleagues, and dogs of course!

It's the tastiest time of the year, so why not book your 3-course Festive Lunch Party at The Grange in Saunderton? Available until 23 December 2023.

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