Become a volunteer dog trainer

Our hearing dogs are specially trained to alert deaf people to important sounds, like a smoke alarm or a baby's cry. They’re also companions. Their love and emotional support helps many deaf people feel less isolated and alone. 

A hearing dog can be a life-changing addition, but we can’t do it without our amazing volunteers. Could you help us train our young dogs and help deaf people leave loneliness behind?

Why become a dog trainer?

You’ll provide a home for one of our adorable dogs and get to watch them grow into clever hearing dogs. Thanks to your training they’ll go on to become a loving friend and support for a deaf person, helping them reconnect with life. 

You’ll also get to meet lots of likeminded people and make new friendships by attending our fun dog training classes. Your local dog training instructor will help you become an expert dog trainer and you’ll be able to share advice and get support from other volunteers in your local group.


What’s involved in training a hearing dog?

Volunteer Dog Training involves looking after and caring for one of our puppies or young dogs on a full-time basis, in your own home. The puppy will be with you for between 6 to 18 months before they move on to the next phase of their training, or to their new match.

You don’t need any previous experience to apply, you’ll have the full support of a local Hearing Dogs Training Instructor, and access to Hearing Dogs 40+ years of experience training dogs.
You’ll take part in group training classes and you’ll keep up the training at home with the help and support from a dedicated team of dog trainers, canine healthcare specialists and an online portal packed with guidance and information.


All food, bedding, toys and equipment will be provided. Medical expenses, treatments, grooming and insurance are also covered by Hearing Dogs. All you need to provide is a safe home, a secure garden and lots of time and love.


Volunteer trainers must live within our catchment areas. 

We are currently looking for volunteers within the following areas in England:

  • Buckinghamshire
  • Bedfordshire (and Northampton)
  • Cambridgeshire (and Peterborough & Stamford)
  • Cheshire East 
  • Devon
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • North East
  • South Oxon
  • West Berkshire
  • Yorkshire

We are also looking for volunteers in Scotland in: 

  • Edinburgh
  • Midlothian

Meet some of our newest recruits...

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Do you have any questions about this role?

Our friendly volunteering team are here to answer all of your questions about becoming a dog trainer. They can also give you more information about our other volunteering opportunities.