Volunteering FAQs

What roles can I volunteer in?

There are a number of exciting volunteering roles at Hearing Dogs. Some involve caring for dogs at home, others are based at one of our two training centres in Buckinghamshire or Yorkshire, and we also have roles that take place out in the community. Roles do vary depending on your location, and occasionally we put recruitment on hold if we have enough volunteers in place. The best thing to do is enter your town or postcode into the volunteering search box to find out what is available near you. Or, you can get in touch with us directly.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

All of our volunteers must be over the age of 18 due to insurance. We do, however, offer structured work experience placements throughout the year for students interested in or studying animal care or training. These are looked after by our dog welfare team.

Can we volunteer as a family?

All of our dog care roles are perfect to take part in as a family. In fact, many people say that volunteering has brought their family closer together. Anyone in the household who will care for or walk the dog alone must be over 18 and registered as a volunteer, however we encourage all family members to play a part in the care and socialisation of the dog.

We have other pets; are we still able to volunteer to look after a dog?

Other pets are not normally a problem, however we do need to assess any pet dogs in your home before placing one of our hearing dogs with you. We can provide advice when it comes to keeping one of our dogs with other animals.

Are we allowed to choose what breed we get when volunteering?

We do ask that you are as flexible as possible when it comes to breeds or sizes of dogs. The more specific you are, the trickier it is to place a dog with you. This causes difficulty for us, and may mean a much longer wait until you receive a dog. However please note that we will never place a puppy or dog with you unless it is suitable for your home and lifestyle.

Do you cover volunteers' expenses?

We don't wish for any of our volunteers to be out of pocket. Therefore, we can cover mileage or reimburse for public transport tickets when you are required to travel, and we will also provide or reimburse for lunch when you are volunteering for a full day. We have a full volunteer expenses policy in place which is available on request.

Will I be insured as a volunteer?

Yes, all of our volunteers are covered under our Employers Liability Insurance.