All aboard for train app trial!


We know that travelling by train with any level of hearing loss can be a challenging experience. Increased background noise can make onboard announcements inaudible which can lead to frustration and distress for passengers unable to hear them. If this sounds like something you have experienced and would like to help are in luck!

Hearing Link Services is supporting the development of a new app which aims to overcome these issues. This new app is aiming to deliver real-time on-board announcements direct to the passenger’s smartphone/device as written text during their train journey. Equally, if someone is listening to music on their phone for example, it will also cut in with the spoken announcement.

The Trial

The app will be tested on selected routes on the Transport for Wales network in December 21 and January 22. For further details and to express your interest, please email with ‘Train App Trials’ as subject. This offer is open to anyone over 18, regardless of their hearing or hearing loss levels in order to test all the app’s features. Hearing Dogs welcome of course!

You will have to provide feedback both before and after the onboard trial. The developer will then pass the results onto the Department for Transport in February and then hopefully a better and safer way of travelling can begin! Closing date for signing up for the trial is 31st October.


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