We are thrilled to have vacancies for some new volunteers to join the Helpdesk Responder team. This role gives the opportunity to volunteer from home, at times to suit you, so is a flexible way of volunteering that could suit a wide variety of person.

Our existing volunteers will vouch for how rewarding being a Helpdesk Responder is. Supporting others by giving helpful advice, or by sharing your personal or professional knowledge of hearing loss is a gift that may well give back to you as much as the person you are helping.

Find out about the difference the Helpdesk makes here.

We currently have a waiting list for this role - but please get in touch if you would like to be contacted about it in the future.

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What do you get?

  • Full training and support from our staff and volunteer team at Hearing Link.
  • The satisfaction of using your skills and knowledge to really help someone who might be struggling with their hearing loss.
  • The flexibility to volunteer from home, at times that suit you.
  • The opportunity to join our happy family of volunteers at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Hearing Link who together help deaf people leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

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What do we need?

  • Volunteers who have a personal or professional knowledge and understanding of hearing loss.
  • Volunteers who would be confident providing practical and/or emotional support to our helpdesk users.
  • Volunteers who are confident using email and have good written communication skills.
  • Availability to respond to at least one enquiry a month, within a few days of receipt.

Helpdesk Volunteering FAQs

Do I use my personal email address to reply to Helpdesk enquiries?

Yes, however all Helpdesk enquiries are triaged through a team of staff and anonymised before being sent out to you. The Helpdesk user will not be able to access to your direct email address, nor vice versa. Some volunteers choose to set up an email address specifically for their Helpdesk volunteering.

How busy will I be?

In terms of volume, the Helpdesk receives up to 150 enquiries per month therefore we look for Helpdesk Responders who are available as much as possible, however the minimum would be to respond to at least one enquiry per month.

We carefully match incoming enquiries to a Helpdesk Responder who has the relevant skills and knowledge, so the volume of requests can vary. 

Is there a time limit to get back to a Helpdesk enquiry?

Yes, the Helpdesk promises to reply to enquiries within 10 days of receipt however this is the outside extreme. Thanks to the Helpdesk Responder volunteers, most enquiries are responded to within the shortest delay.

Can I take a break if I am busy or unable to reply to enquiries for personal or other reasons?

Yes, you can take a break from volunteering at any time. We just ask that you inform Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you can so that we know to stop sending you enquiries for a period of time.

What sort of questions will you ask me during the volunteer application process?

We will ask you about your personal or professional experience of hearing loss, as well as which topics you would be most comfortable and confident talking about. Please be assured that any information you provide is entirely confidential and will only be used to help match you to the right Helpdesk enquiries once you get started.

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