Our working Hearing Dogs are exercised by their recipient but sometimes due to ill health or old age, a partnership may need additional support from a local volunteer dog walker.

We are currently looking for a kind volunteer, local to Gosport, Hampshire, to walk one of our working Hearing Dogs on a regular, weekly basis. This vacancy is for 2 dog walks per week in the mornings on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Vacancies are very limited for this role and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. A DBS check is required for this role.

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What's in it for you?

  • The knowledge that you are directly supporting one of our lifechanging partnerships.
  • Weekly dog walks with one of our gorgeous Hearing Dogs.
  • Opportunity to learn dog handling skills, learn about the Charity & also deaf awareness.

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What are we looking for?

  • Someone who is confident to walk one of our hearing dogs. Depending on the needs of the dog this may be on the lead or off lead.
  • A weekly commitment of at least 1 hour at a mutually agreed day and time.
  • A Hearing Dog Walker makes a regular arrangement to collect the dog from the partnership's home, exercise it and then return it to the home. This may involve walking locally or driving to a suitable location.
  • DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service Check) will be required for this role.

Hearing Dog Walking FAQs

What does a hearing dog do?

Among other things, the dog alerts their deaf partner to sounds, such as the doorbell, alarm clock and cooker timer. Deafness is an invisible disability, and when out and about with their partner, the dog in its branded jacket informs people that the person cannot hear. Our hearing dogs help deaf people leave loneliness behind and to reconnect with life.

Can I walk my own dog(s) at the same time as the Hearing Dog?

This will depend on the dogs. There is not usually a problem but we will assess how the dogs get on and play together as well as ensuring you are confident and capable of handling two or more dogs at once.


How will I talk to a deaf person?

This will depend on the individual and how they best communicate. The Partnership Instructor will advise you how to best communicate with the recipient. Most of our recipients rely on lip-reading and the use of hearing aids to help them with communication whilst others use BSL or pen and paper.

I already have a DBS check, can I use that?

Regrettably, DBS checks are not currently transferable from one organisation to another.

Do I have to pay for the DBS check?

No, Hearing Dogs will pay the cost for the DBS but you will be required to complete the forms.

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