Important funding from charitable trusts, foundations and major gifts has contributed to Hearing Dogs doubling the number of profoundly deaf adults and children we help across the UK.  It continues to help us to develop our initiatives and widen our reach.

We are grateful to have strong relationships with our funding partners and hope to welcome new supporters to the Hearing Dogs family. You can find more information regarding areas of work, projects, reach and impact and how to get in touch with our team below.

Why support Hearing Dogs? 

Currently, 11 million people in the UK have hearing loss – and this figure is on the rise. It’s predicted that by 2035, one in five of us will have experienced some loss of hearing.

Deafness increases the risk of depression and dementia, causes £4bn per year of lost wages in the UK through unemployment and forced early retirement, and leaves people lonely and isolated.

Every year the already significant demand for our support grows. Profoundly deaf adults and children, many with complex life requirements, seek the life-changing benefits that partnership with a specifically trained hearing dog can bring. Safety, independence, inclusion, and companionship are just a few of the benefits that our recipients report, enabling improved well-being, community integration, or a return to work or volunteering.

A hearing dog can help a deaf person regain their independence and confidence, and they dramatically reduce feelings of isolation and depression. We hear stories from hearing dog recipients every day about how much their life has improved since they were introduced to these clever animals. 

Take a look at some of the people we have helped so far

Contact us 

To find out more about our projects and funding opportunities, please contact the team below. We would be delighted to organise and facilitate a demonstration of hearing dog training and a guided tour of our training and charity facilities.