Our Supporter Promise 

Faith supporter promise

You have my promise...

You have my promise

Kindness and commitment

Hearing Dogs is a kind charity. Every day, our clever dogs help hundreds of deaf children and adults get the best out of life. We are committed to helping our beneficiaries and making a difference throughout the duration of every partnership we create.

Our relationship with you, our supporters, is critical to the work we do. With your support, we commit to helping more deaf people every year by breeding, training and providing clever dogs that change lives.

Trust and transparency

Everything we do is driven by our desire to help as many deaf people as we can. Every donation, sponsorship or gift in a Will is put to use as effectively as possible to help more deaf people. Around 80 pence in every pound goes directly on helping our beneficiaries. The other 20 pence ensures we can continue to do this work on a sustainable long-term basis, by encouraging more support and making the public aware of what we do.

Privacy and respect

  • We pride ourselves on not using aggressive fundraising techniques, and we want each and every experience you have with Hearing Dogs to be enriching and positive.
  • We never use ‘chuggers’ who stop you in the street for donations – and we never will.
  • We never use door-to-door fundraisers – and we never will.
  • We never sell on the names of our supporters to other organisations – and we never will.
  • We never offer commercial deals that do a disservice to our beneficiaries or our supporters – and we never will.
  • We value and respect the choice you have made in supporting us.

Approachability and openness

If you’ve let us know that you’d like to support us, then we’d like to contact you from time to time to tell you about our work and our plans. You will always have the choice to opt out of all future communications.

Our approachable and friendly staff are happy to help you, but if we do make a mistake, please let us know. You can be assured of a heartfelt apology and a promise to promptly put things right.

If you want to get in touch, please email info@hearingdogs.org.uk or call 01844 348109.

Download our Supporter Promise as a PDF.

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