Virtual Santa Paws: Jog with your dog!

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The 12 Jogs of Christmas Challenge

Run, jog or walk 12 times in December – with or without your dog – and get sponsored to raise vital funds to help deaf people leave loneliness behind.



Wherever you want, whenever you want! Short jogs, longer runs... can you complete the 12 Jogs Challenge?



Any time in December

Price – It's free!

And you get a free
tracker card and certificate!


Raise £10 and receive a free Santa hat
and Santa Paws dog bandana!

Plus when you raise £100, you’ll receive a free puppy sponsorship!


What is Virtual Santa Paws?

🎅🐾 A sponsored Christmas challenge – with or without your dog!

🏃‍♀️ Run, jog or walk 12 times in December

🎅🐶 Free Santa Paws bandana for your dog

🎅🏃‍♀️ Free Santa hat for every runner

🎅☃️ Dress as Christmassy as you like

💷 Every penny raised will help deaf people to leave loneliness behind

🎅🏃‍♀️🐶 Can you complete the 12 Jog Challenge?

Please don’t dress your dog in costumes, antlers or hats – we want to be respectful to them at all times, and costumes can restrict their movement.

And if you don’t have a dog, you can still do the run anyway – maybe even dressed as a dog. Woof!

Santa Logo

When you raise £10 you will receive a


Plus when you raise £100, you’ll receive a free puppy sponsorship!

By taking part in Santa Paws – Festive fun run – you will be helping people like RayaneA smiling boy wearing a blue jumper with a black cockapoo dog.

Rayane had problems sleeping, because the silence and darkness scared him. So, he asked Santa for a hearing dog for Christmas – and his wish came true!

Diesel is Rayane’s constant companion. By night, he watches over Rayane. By day, he gives him the confidence to make friends.

Now, when you ask Rayane what he wants for Christmas, he’ll tell you: for another child to have their own hearing dog.

Be mindful of your furry friend – and yourself

We would love your canine companion to join in the fun. However, please make sure you consider the following before taking part:

  1. Please make sure your doggy pal doesn’t have any medical conditions related to joints, muscles, heart or respiratory system. If in doubt, consult your vet beforehand. Or, let your dog rest their paws and jog as a dog yourself instead!
  2. Likewise, think about your dog’s fitness levels. You might want to raise as much money as possible by running a double marathon, but a small dog with those little legs might not find it as much fun. It’s all about fun and festivity.
  3. You wouldn’t make granny run ten miles, nor would you take little Johnny who’s just out of his nappies. So, please don’t jog with a puppy under the age of 15 months, or an older dog depending on breed.
  4. If you feel woozy after a jab, think about how your dog might feel too. If your dog has had a vaccination, please wait at least 48 hours afterwards before going on a run.
  5. Also consider the leads and harnesses you are using on your furry friends. If your dog has an appropriate harness to run with, use that, and ideally attached to a belt harness of your own to protect them and your own paws... oops hands!
  6. Last but not least, be kind to yourself! Warm up beforehand, stay hydrated, and don’t run in extreme weather. That’s no fun. Brrrr.

For more information about taking part, please contact the event organiser using the details below.

Please ensure you are following any Government advice when completing your run.