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Welcome to the Festive Five Challenge!

For most of this year, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, like many other charities across the UK, has felt the impact of the Pandemic.

We are keen to show our fabulous volunteers and supporters that fundraising can still happen, even in these testing times, and so are throwing down the Festive Five Challenge.

Which one will you pick?!

Festive 5 Baubles

How it works

1. Choose

Choose one or more challenges and register to receive a pack to download.

2. Plan

Use our hints and tips to plan your challenge and don't forget to set up a JustGiving page for extra donations. Contact us if you have any questions.

3. Enjoy

Have fun whilst completing your challenge! And share on social media with us using the tags @HearingDogs and  #Festive5

4. Congratulations!

You've completed your Festive 5 Challenge(s) and supported Hearing Dogs!
If you have additional funds to pay in, please use our online pay-in form. (Link provided below)

Choose your Festive 5 Challenge!

Additional Information

Whichever challenge you choose, please ensure you do it safely and responsibly, adhering to local and national Government guidelines at all times. Useful information on how to hold your challenge safely can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Further information on food hygiene can be found here:

Pay in your raised funds

When you particpate in our challenge, you help people like William… 

Before Nutmeg, life was difficult for William. Born with severe hearing loss, William lost his confidence and found it hard to talk to his friends. He gave up trying to join family conversations and it was heart-breaking for his parents. But now he has Nutmeg! Nutmeg has helped William to be much more outgoing and talkative, and he enjoys all the fun with the family at the Christmas table.


Since lockdown began we’ve seen a record number of applications for a hearing dog.

Please take part in the Festive 5 Challenge and help more deaf people like William to leave loneliness behind.

Not the right event for you?

If this isn't the kind of event you'd like to organise, not to worry! We can also support you for the events below - just click through to find out more. Or, if you would like to organise your own unique event, that would be fantastic as well! You can also contact your local community fundraising manager for more support and ideas.

Other ways to get involved