Doggy Paddle Swimathon

How far can you swim?

The Hearing Dogs Swimathon is an event that is designed for swimmers of all abilities, over a period of time that suits you!

Whether you swim regularly for fitness, swim every now and then for fun or haven’t dipped your toes in a pool for a while, this event can be designed to complement all levels of fitness.

We are really interested to see how far you can swim in total so do make sure you keep a tally of the distance!

How it works:

  • Register for the event
  • Set yourself a target
  • Set yourself a schedule
  • Find a venue
  • Find sponsors
  • Keep us updated!

Not the right event for you?

If this isn't the kind of event you'd like to organise, not to worry! We can also support you for the events below - just click through to find out more. Or, if you would like to organise your own unique event, that would be fantastic as well!

How else you can get involved