Host a summer fundraiser

This July, do something fun with friends, family or neighbours and raise money to help deaf people leave loneliness behind. A tea party, picnic or BBQ in the garden, a bake sale on your street, a sports day in the park, a sponsored fitness challenge… anything you like, the choice is yours!

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How to take part:

  1. Sign up to receive a handy fundraising pack full of fun ideas and helpful advice
  2. Choose something fun to do outdoors during July to raise money
  3. Set up a JustGiving page for friends, family and social media contacts to donate to
  4. Do your fun activity!

Sign up and get your exclusive downloadable fundraising pack!

This pack comes with lots of great summer fundraising suggestions, as well as delicious recipes, a print-at-home certificate, bunting, event tickets and price tags, perfect for a bake sale or BBQ in the sunshine!

A preview of the Big Summer of Fundraising downloadable pack with recipes, certificate and event ticket.

By taking part in the Big Summer of Fundraising you will be helping people like Graham…

A man smiling at the camera as a black and white dog wearing a burgundy hearing dog neckerchief looks off to the side.

“Losing my hearing was scary. It made me feel unsafe, I couldn’t follow conversations easily and I became more introverted as a result. My hearing dog Jovi has changed all that. He alerts me to sounds and he’s a huge part of my family. He’s made me feel more accepting, and even proud, of my hearing loss. I can’t imagine my life without him. My wife Anna and I now have a little girl, and it’s comforting to know Jovi can alert me to a baby’s cry and will add to the safety and security of our household.”


Take part in the Big Summer of Fundraising and help more deaf people like Graham to leave loneliness behind

Not able to take part, but still want to help?

Please consider donating any amount you wish

Raise more than £50 and you can earn an entry into our fabulous prize draw

For the chance to win this amazing summer themed hamper!

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The hamper contains a disposable BBQ and picnic ware, drinks glasses along with summer drinks, a doggy cooling bandana, and some dog treats and toys.

To be eligible for the sponsorship rewards and entry to our prize draw, you must be signed up for The Big Summer of Fundraising as well as achieving the fundraising goal set.

Some fun ideas to get you started

  1. Afternoon tea / Mad Hatter Tea Party
  2. Holiday in your garden (themed to country of your choice)
  3. Make and do (decorate face masks, sock puppets, bunting, flower garlands etc.)
  4. Human hungry hippos (just look it up!)
  5. Bake sale (human or doggie treats)
  6. Plant sale
  7. Mini street party
  8. Neighbourhood book swap, for donations
  9. Homemade nature trail
  10. Scavenger hunt
  11. Pet dogs show (friends and family)
  12. Kite flying (make your own kite?)

Please ensure you are complying with government guidelines when completing your challenge.