Barking Bake Off

Why hold a Barking Bake Off?

Bring friends, colleagues and Communities together to have fun and eat cake! Watch over as the competitiveness sets in and see who surprises you all with the best bake you have ever seen!

When to Bake?

Barking Bake Offs can be held all year round! 

Where should I host it?

You can host it wherever you like. It could be a:

  • coffee break at work
  • social coffee morning with your neighbours and friends
  • mum & baby or toddler meetings
  • at your local sports club
  • at school or college 
  • as part of any community group meeting; WI, Rotary, Brownies, Guides for example.

What should I do with the money raised?

After you've held the event, please send the funds you have raised to:

Barking Bake Off, 
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People,
Fundraising Team,
The Grange,

Wycombe Road,
Bucks, HP27 9NS.

Thank you!

Do you have any posters or recipe tips?

Absolutely! You can download your free fundraising pack below.

Ready to Bake?

If you are intersted in holding your very own Barking Bake Off, but would rather us send you a pack; please get in touch with us via the contact details below! 

Other ways to get involved