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Welcome to the Captain Tom 100 challenge! Launching on the 30th April – which would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday - the Captain Tom 100 is a fundraiser set up to help charities, including Hearing Dogs, compensate for the cancellation of fundraising events because of the Coronavirus.

Getting involved in the Captain Tom 100 for Hearing Dogs is simple - simply choose a fun challenge based on the number 100 and raise money to change deaf people's lives. You could walk 100 steps or run 100 metres, pick up 100 pieces of litter in your area, bake 100 cupcakes, climb 100 stairs, hop 100 laps of the garden, take 100 photos, write a 100-word poem, walk up and down your street 100 times – anything at all, inside or outside. Then start fundraising. You can also nominate a friend or family member to do the same! Don't forget to share your chosen 100 challenge on social media, using #CaptainTom100.

You can also choose to donate £10 if you prefer. All funds raised from your challenge will help deaf people to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

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What is the Captain Tom 100?

It's a simple and fun idea: Everyone – of all ages and abilities – is invited to
take on a fundraising challenge based on the number 100.

When does it take place?

The Captain Tom 100 starts on Friday 30th April through
to Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May – and your challenge can take place anytime and anywhere over Captain Tom's birthday weekend.

Where can I do it?

You can do the challenge anywhere you like, outdoors or indoors. The only requirement is that your chosen activity must follow Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing. 

How do I get involved?

Dream up an activity based on the number 100, then start fundraising or make a donation using the links below.

Some fun ideas to get you started

You can dream up your own challenge too – anything using the theme of 100 will work! Here are some more ideas for inspiration.

Athletic aan wearing white earbuds giving a thumbs up and smiling

Shoot 100 basketball or netball hoops

Run or walk for 100 minutes

100 hops on one leg

Walk your dog for 100 minutes (if your dog would be happy doing that!)

A woman wearing a mask an athletic clothing. She has her hands on her hips.

Walk or run 100 laps of your garden

Meditate for 100 minutes

Do 100 push-ups or sit-ups

Climb 100 stairs

The Virtual Great British Dog walk

Jump 100 times on a trampoline

Balance something on your head for 100 secs

Run 100 laps of your local park

 Do 100 star jumps

A man holding a young child in his arm smiles and gives a thumbs up

Hold the plank for 100 seconds

Pick-up 100 pieces of litter

Throw and catch a ball 100 times without dropping it

Do 100 keepie-uppies (kick-ups)

An older woman giving two thumbs up in front of a garden

Bake 100 cupcakes

Plant 100 seeds

Do 100 hula hoops

Go down a slide 100 times

A man in a brightly coloured kitchen gives a single thumbs up

Build something with 100 lego bricks

Carry out 100 good deeds

Take 100 photographs

Paint a ‘100’ and put it in your window

Give away 100 likes on social media

Use our fundraising packs

We have some pawsome resources available to help you get the most from this challenge – all based around the theme 100!

Please share what you decide to do on social media, tagging @hearingdogs and using #CaptainTom100 so we can celebrate your challenge with you. Thank you!

Let's Hear it pack

Let’s Hear It – Fun Educational Pack

You can use this pack as an educational resource. It's for people of all ages who want to learn more about British Sign Language (BSL), hearing dogs and deaf awareness.

For the Captain Tom 100 you can:

  • Fingerspell as many words as you can in 100 seconds
  • Sign along to the Rainbow song 100 times (how-to sheet and video included in the pack)
  • Do a sponsored silence for 100 minutes
The Virtual Great British Dog walk

Virtual Great British Dog Walk

This pack is for you if you want to help deaf people while out on your daily exercise.

For the Captain Tom 100 you can:

  • Complete a 10km virtual relay with 10 friends
  • Make a walk heat map on the theme of 100 using an app that draws your route while you walk
  • Walk as far as possible in 100 minutes
The Quiz pack

Quiz Night Pack

Use this pack if you want to host a virtual quiz from your own home.

For the Captain Tom 100 you can:

  • Organise a 10-minute quick fire quiz
  • Ask 100 questions
  • Invite 10 friends and family members to take part in an online virtual quiz
Paws for Coffee pack

Virtual Paws for Coffee

Fancy a cuppa? Then this pack will help you to host a coffee morning (or afternoon) from home.

For the Captain Tom 100 you can:

  • Invite 10 friends and family members to take part via video link (Zoom, Skype, etc..)
  • Have a coffee morning for exactly 100 minutes
  • Invite 10 people you haven’t spoken to for a while to join via video link

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