During Deaf Awareness Week 2017 (May 15 to 21) we highlighted the enormously positive impact that hearing dogs have on the mental wellbeing of their deaf recipients, meaning deafness isn’t such a lonely experience in our Deafness Doesn’t Have to be Lonely campaign.

This is what our hearing dog recipients say

Perhaps no other form of hearing loss assistance has such a combined profound effect on a severely or profoundly deaf person’s life; from alerting to important sounds and danger signals that can’t be heard, such as the smoke alarm, alarm clock and doorbell, to providing invaluable companionship and being an important visual indicator of an otherwise invisible disability.

In our survey of recipients* who have benefitted from a hearing dog:


have more confidence


feel more secure


were better able to make new friends


feel more approachable

Read Vincent and Teddy's story

Vincent describes the isolation of growing up as a deaf child, the loneliness of being a deaf adult and how Teddy has helped him to enjoy life for the first time in his moving story which shows just how much our hearing dogs completely transform the lives of deaf people.

How you can help deaf people

Here are three ways you can help deaf people to feel less lonely during Deaf Awareness Week and into the future.

How you can get involved

We don’t want any severely or profoundly deaf people to have to feel lonely when a hearing dog could bring so much life-transforming practical help and invaluable companionship. Here are some ways you can help raise funds so that we can increase the number of hearing dogs that we can train each year to meet the growing demand.

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* Hearing Dogs recipient survey 2012