"The work that Hearing Dogs for Deaf People does makes an incredible, life-changing difference for those with hearing impairments, and by committing to support this great charity, it’s our hope that we can play a small part in making sure as many people as possible get the vital support they need to lead their lives. It’s an incredible charity and we’re proud to support them in their work."

Who are Adorn?

Adorn supplies stylish, bespoke window films for decorative or privacy purposes. In offering a range of beautiful styles, including collections from established designers, Adorn makes it possible for homeowners to transform the look of their glazing with an easy to install, durable and unique window film products.

How is Adorn supporting Hearing Dogs for Deaf People?

The positive impact a hearing dog can have on the lives of deaf people is enormous, with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People playing an integral part in bringing the two together. We wanted to support that. We’re aware that the process involved is time consuming and challenging, so we were very keen to help where we could, to ensure that as many people as possible get the life changing support a hearing dog can bring. We’re delighted to be able to play a small part in ensuring the incredible work done by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People continues to change lives for the better up and down the country.