Q: None of the options mentioned on your website are suitable for our company, is there anything else you can do?

A: We have tried to advertise all the options that we can offer to corporates, but we welcome emails if you think there is something else that we might be able to do. It is always worth getting in contact to discuss what else might be available.

Q: We would like to sponsor an event but cannot afford the amounts stated.

A: The amounts stated have been determined by the cost of the event and the cost of additional advertising etc. Please get in touch to register your interest and discuss alternative options.

Q: Our company has provided a gift in kind to you but you were unable to accept this, why?

A: Gifts in kind are extremely helpful but not all gifts are suitable or necessary for our work. We don't like to turn corporates away, but feel that we have to put the needs of our beneficiaries and dogs first, which may mean that your gift in kind is not appropriate.

Q: We would like our company to visit Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for a volunteer day, is this possible?

A: It may be possible for your company to volunteer for the day, but we are overwhelmed with requests for volunteer days and unfortunately, cannot fulfil all requests. Please get in touch to have a conversation about what may be possible.

Q: We supported a lifetime partnership package, but we received updates on a different partnership, not on the partnership with the puppy we named, why is this?

A: Where possible, we will keep you updated on the partnership with the puppy that you named. However, in the unlikely event that the puppy doesn't pass their accreditation, or the recipient does not want to provide us with further information, we will transfer your donation to another partnership.

If your question hasn't been answered above, please get in touch via the details below and we would be happy to answer your question.