Meet Rascal – by name, and by nature!

Rascal was the third born in his litter, a strong little boy who fed well and always made sure he was in prime position.

Now he’s grown a bit, his personality is already shining through. He’s a rascal!

Rascal enjoying the leaves
Chris Packham with an adorable puppy
Happy Rascal
Rascal trying to hide
Rascal playfully jumping
Rascal catching a breath
Tired pup Rascal
Chris Packham with Rascal
Puppy Rascal enjoying the leaves
Chris Packham with an adorable puppy Rascal
Happy puppy Rascal
Pup Rascal trying to hide
Rascal playing
Rascal catching his breath
Nap time for Rascal
Chris Packham holding Rascal

What do rascals do? They run around all the time, play little tricks on people, but win your heart because they’re adorable.

That’s what Rascal does. He loves exploring every nook and cranny, and when you try and bring him back, off he pops again. He’ll run around the garden, run around the house, run around you, run around himself – and then suddenly stop because he wants a fuss and a tummy tickle.

He’s also a brave Rascal. He shows no fear in trying something new, and absolutely loves playing with his toys. One of his favourites is the plastic insert that comes with a box of biscuits, because it makes a great noise!

Rascal was once a sponsor pup. Very kind people paid for his training, but unfortunately he's no longer available to sponsor. However, the good news is that there are more fresh, new puppies that you can sponsor instead! Take a look below and pick your puppy!

The difference a sponsor puppy can make