Felt Tugger in Hearing Dogs Colours

  • Felt dog tugger with three colours of felt, burgundy red, black and green
  • detail of the entwined felt
  • Supersize tugger for fun with your dog
  • Comes in Hearing Dogs colours of burgundy, green and black
  • Dims: H: 60mm x W: 60mm x L: 780mm


Product description

There's nothing better than a good old game of tug-of-war with your canine companion! It’s not just exercise, and it's not just fun, it also helps strengthen the bond between you. This lovely tugger is made from felt and proudly features the burgundy, green and black colours of Hearing Dogs.

Dims: H: 60mm x W: 60mm x L: 780mm

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Why Shop at Hearing Dogs?

Why shop at Hearing Dogs?

Every purchase helps deaf people

Every sale helps us to train more life-changing hearing dogs. Our clever hearing dogs don’t just alert their recipients to important sounds. Deafness can be a very isolating disability. A hearing dog can give a deaf person a newfound sense of independence and confidence with their loyal companion and true friend at their side.