Milly Green Weekly Planner

  • Wide spiral bound weekly planner. The cover has multiple pictures of different dog breeds
  • detailed closeup view of the planner front cover showing a poodle, dalmatian, pug, golden retriever, greyhound and beagle
  • High-quality card and paper weekly planner
  • Attractive, fun dog patterns
  • Dims: H: 185mm x W: 230mm x D: 5mm


Product description

This handy weekly planner is ideal for jotting down notes, organising your day and planning your time. It features gold foiled words and Milly Green's brand new design with breeds of dog, from Daschunds to Dalmatians and Pugs to Poodles. It has a sturdy hardboard back and is spiral bound.

Dims: H: 185mm x W: 230mm x D: 5mm

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Why shop at Hearing Dogs?

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