Otto is an athlete outdoors, and a sleepy lion indoors

Posted by Brendan Cooper

It's time for another Otto pupdate!

He's still coming along well with his training, and we'll be in touch soon with a full update on that. In the meantime we thought you might like to see what he's up to.

Otto is now living with a new volunteer puppy trainer called Clare. This is because Jilly’s husband David recently had a hip operation, and she wanted to look after him while he recovered. So, Clare has taken over looking after Otto. She has plenty to say - and show - about this lovely Lab!

"Over the last couple of months Otto has grown into a strong, incredibly quick puppy," says Clare. "He can keep up with a local whippet when he’s in the mood and she loves running with him. He loves a big chase around the garden on his own or with anyone else, he’s not fussy!"

As you can see below, he quite enjoys running around in the sea too.

He's such a handsome boy with his cream colouring. He strikes quite the pose below, don't you think?

Back to Clare: "This is cheeky Otto waiting for dinner to be served. Will we notice him hiding there?"

"Actually he's fantastic for not scrounging when people are eating. Unusual for Labs!"

Very unusual. The best phrase we've heard about Labs is that 'they'll turn themselves inside-out for food'. This is actually a good thing in that they're highly motivated by treats, and it makes their training very effective. Otto is doing exactly the right thing by not scrounging. This is because he knows that, if he's good, and just minds himself, he will get treats and a fuss. He doesn't need to pester. Clever Otto!

Over to Clare again: "Otto lays quite regularly in a full stretch position with his rear legs like superman. One day we found him in this position on the bottom (large) step in the hallway but with his back end on the step and his front fully stretched out one step down on the floor."

"Very awkward-looking, but he was clearly comfortable as he stayed like it for a while."

In summary, Clare says "He’s an indoor sleepy, cuddly lion and an outdoor athlete on steroids!"

So, as is so often the case with our Pupdates, here's a shot of a dozing puppy - the 'sleepy cuddly lion' who loves his teddies, of which he has quite a few.

That's all for now. There's plenty more to tell you about Otto, so when we get more photos and words, we'll let you know. Thank you for sponsoring Otto!


Frances, 7 Mar 2019

Hi it’s lovely to see how well Otto is doing I hv his photo in my fridge door along with 2dogs fr the blind I also sponsor. I love sponsoring Otto nd seeing how well nd happy strong full of fun he has become. Hope whoever he eventually is teamed with has a wonderful life together. Best Wishes hugs to Otto Frances 🤗👍

Valentine, 7 Mar 2019

It's so great to see how well Otto is doing and I am sure he will be absolutely fantastic at his training. Love Val xxx😘🐕💖
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