Otto loves life with Hollie

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Do you think Otto's having a nice time?


Looks like it to us!

He's now living with trainer Hollie, who is helping him progress with his training. They're getting along so well together, going for walks, and enjoying trips to the seaside.

Otto was fascinated by the wibbly-wobbly blue stuff...


... and whereas we'd love to claim that he's learned to spell his own name, we think Hollie might have had something to do this this:


As well as enjoying life by the sea, Otto recently met up with some family and friends. First up, he met Oakley, his brother! 


Oakley is on the left, with the slightly darker fur. They were so happy to see each other. Can't you tell? As Hollie put it: "Brothers Oakley and Otto had a great afternoon in the true spirit of 'Feel Good Friday!'"

Then they had a little settle together in the restaurant at our training headquarters in Buckinghamshire.


Then, they were joined by Kaden, their half-brother and another hearing dog in training. It was the first time they'd all met up! Amazing to think they all share the same dad, a magnificent Labrador called Goldie.


Yes, Otto is a very happy dog indeed. If you look through his previous Pupdates you'll see that, in just about every one of them, he's running around or snoozing happily alonside another puppy pal. 

Now he's with Hollie, we're expecting plenty more adventures and photos coming your way. Let's finish with this fab photo from Hollie, of which she said: "Otto would like to submit his entry to the 'Most Boop-able Nose' Competition!"


That's certainly very boop-able!

And that's all for now. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to us. And thank you once again for sponsoring Otto.


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