Happy Holidays for Otto

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Otto is definitely learning about life, as well as growing up!

His socialiser Jilly knows all about how best to bring up our pups. For example, she and her husband David know that dogs love being outdoors where they can run around, enjoy the fresh air and express their 'dogginess' to the full.

Jilly tells us what they've been up to together: "He has been away on two holidays with us.The first was to Dartmoor earlier this year. He loved walking on the moors and seeing the wild ponies."

What beautiful scenery below! Otto is looking quite quizzically at something behind the camera. What do you think it could be? Comment below and tell us!

By now you should know all about Billy and Neil. Billy the lurcher in the middle of the photo below is Jilly and David's own dog. Neil, on the right, is another hearing dog that David is training. They all get along really well together, but it looks to us like Billy is the natural model, looking directly at the camera while Otto and Neil gaze into the middle distance.

Back to Jilly: "In June we took him to Norfolk where he had his first experience of beaches. Again, he had a great time running on the sand with Neal and Billy."

This time Billy seems to have opted not to appear in front of the camera at all! There's no doubt however that Neil and Otto are having a wonderful time here.

Ah, here's Billy! Otto and Neil are looking more at the camera this time, but we'd say Billy still has that camera presence!

"He loves the fine weather and enjoys lying in our garden watching the red kites fly above him," says Jilly. Red kites are birds of prey, and a familiar site around Buckinghamshire. They glide and wheel gracefully in the sky, and it's very relaxing just watching them, whether you're a human or a puppy.

It looks like Otto also enjoys lying in their house! 

"This is Otto snoring very loudly," says Jilly. He looks very content with it though, don't you think?

Otto has also been meeting plenty of children recently. "He is fantastic with our young grandchildren," says Jilly. "He and Neal have accompanied us to some talks at local schools. The first was to the Royal Grammar School where he did a fine demonstration of his obedience up on the stage in front of several hundred boys. Next, we went to Godstowe School and again showed the girls how he responds to hand signals.Finally, we went to the Nursery at Downley and he was as good as gold, lying on the floor letting the little children come up one by one to stroke him."

This really shows wonderfully how important our volunteers are. As well as helping our dogs get used to situations such as being around lots of people, and being really relaxed while stroked by children, they also give talks and demonstrations to spread awareness of what we do. We really couldn't help deaf people if our volunteers didn't help us.

Finally, Jilly sums Otto up so far: "All in all, he is shaping up to be a super dog and loved by all who meet him."

We'll leave you with this super portrait Jilly took of Otto looking so handsome...

As you can see, Otto is having a great life. That's all for now, but until your next update, thank you for sponsoring him!


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