These are a few of Otto's favourite things

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Otto continues to find out more about the world - and what he really, really likes!

First up, it seems Otto likes... doorstops!


Clare, the volunteer who is looking after Otto, explains the above photo: "Otto went to stay with volunteers while we were away.  I told them he is a very good boy around the house and doesn't chew anything. What I forgot to tell them however, is that he loves cuddly toys and will pick them up from the kids' room and carry them away. So, he picked up nearly all of their toy doorstops and carried them into the garden! This one was his favourite. All remained intact and unharmed though!"

What a funny story. Otto looks so proud of his favourite doorstop! And this story also tells you how our network of volunteers make what we do possible: they cover for each other when they go on holiday, socialise with each other, help each other out and generally create a wonderful, warm community that we simply could not do without.

Back to Clare: "Otto loves it when the kids are home from school. This was where we found him one morning.  Is he trying to say he wants to go to school with them?"


What do you think? We know Otto loves puppy training classes. Perhaps he'd love 'human school' too!

We've shown you how Otto likes to stretch out in previous Pupdates. Here he is again - this time Clare tells us: "He still thinks he's Superman!"


From Otto's favourite pose, to Otto's favourite place. "This is where he loves to be," Clare says. "A field full of long grass to run free in."


He looks like such a happy Otto! We want our dogs to be happy, because happy dogs make for happy deaf partners. One day Otto will help his deaf partner practically by alerting them to sounds, but also emotionally by being a fun, free, friendly dog.

Otto adores going for walks, and this is how they generally start, with his 'Can we go for a walk now' look:


How could you resist? Clare certainly finds it difficult to resist, which is why they go for refreshing walks so often. And below certainly looks refreshing!

Clare explains: "This was Otto playing with Dylan, one of his best friends, in Bradenham. He loves a game of chase!"


Well, we did say fun, free and friendly!

Bradenham is a very pretty village in Buckinghamshire where lots of people walk their dogs. Otto (and Clare, and Dylan for that matter!) are so lucky to have so many great places to go for long walks.

And after the walks? Well, usually we show a picture of a cute puppy in its favourite bed. We're not quite sure this qualifies?


Again, Clare has to explain what's going on here! "This was Otto insisting on being able to fit into a Terrier-sized bed. His Terrier friend Tiggy came to stay, and he was convinced he was small enough for her bed."

Perhaps Otto doesn't realise what a big, handsome dog he's becoming? He's such a striking Labrador with that milky white fur. We're all very proud of him, as is Clare, as should you be too because you've helped him come so far. So, once again, thank you for sponsoring Otto.


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