Otto is doing really well

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Otto is doing so well!

Let's start with a fabulous photo of Otto with all his doggy chums...

His volunteer puppy socialiser Jilly tells us what's going on above: "As a special treat we gave him a very lively reunion with several of his litter mates and his mum, and we all went for a walk on Watlington Hill."

Spot the odd one out! Yes, Otto was very much the black sheep - or white Labrador - of the family. And to the right, yes, there's Billy, Jilly and David's own dog, a grey lurcher whom you've already met. Billy always likes to get in on the action, you see!

Back to Jilly: "He remains a very kind and gentle boy to live with and he loves a good game with other dogs that he meets if theyโ€™re willing to play. He continues to go to puppy class every two weeks and we go on a training trip to our local town (High Wycombe) once a week."

This is great news. It's wonderful that he gets on so very well with other dogs, because all our hearing dogs need to have that ability to just get along with other people and puppies. It's also fantastic to know he's doing well in puppy class and going out and about. Below you can see him being a very good dog indeed, waiting patiently for Jilly before proceeding to cross the road.

And below, you can see him doing the same patient Otto thing again, this time while David spends time at the cash machine with his own hearing dog in training, called Neal.

Otto and Neal get along really well together! They make a lovely pair, sort of ying and yang of the hearing dogs world.

Jilly continues: "Over the summer, he has accompanied me to various fund raising events, including a Golf Day and various local shows."


Do you think it went straight down the fairway?

And finally: "We took Otto and Neal to Countryfile Live Show at Blenheim Palace where he enjoyed meeting lots of different farm animals."

Did we say finally? Not quite. Jilly also sent us this fab photo of Otto quite simply enjoying a tasty treat.

We hope you enjoyed it Otto! He looks like a happy puppy doesn't he? That's the reward he gets for being such a good dog.

He's happy, and thriving, because you sponsored him. Thank you!


Catriona, 6 Dec 2018

It is a privilege to sponsor Otto, he looks extremely huggable! It great that he has been chosen to help a deaf person and he is enjoying his training with socialiser Jill - I am sure he brings a lot of doggy happiness to everyone, especially the person he will end up helping - Go Otto! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜š Much love. Trina B xx
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