An Otto bumper issue

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Otto is still having a full, fun life with Dog Training Instructor Hollie! In fact, they've done so much together that we decided to issue a bumper Pupdate. So many pictures, so little time...!

Otto's summer holiday

Hollie loves Otto so much she took him on holiday recently. He loved sitting in the sand, looking handsome and happy.


He enjoyed splashing around in the water, looking happy and hot.


But most of all, he loved a bit of snuggle-time with Hollie.


Otto chilling at home

Hollie has welcomed Otto into her home, looking after him every day. He's in the best possible hands!

Maybe this is why he's sooooooooooo relaxed. He adores Hollie's slippers although he's a bit big to fit in them.


He has his own doggy-bed, of course, which is just the right size and shape for him (dog-shaped and dog-sized, that is).


But sometimes he doesn't quite make it that far.


Sweet dreams Otto!

Otto and his toys

Otto has plenty of toys, just like every well-behaved dog should. Here he is with the pink pig.


And the brown furry 'thing'.


And not forgetting the knitted frankfurter, of course.


Otto and new things

Part of what Hollie does is to help Otto become accustomed to new and unusual experiences. They certainly don't come much more unusual than bubbles!


And the first lick of a doggy-friendly pop ice (a 'pup ice'?) was also an interesting revelation.


Otto and walkies

Otto and Hollie go for plenty of healthy walks together in the beautiful countryside around our Southern Training Centre. It's full of interesting sights, sounds, and smells.

Otto also likes posing a bit for the camera, showing off his very boop-able nose.


From time to time, Otto will sniff something in the air and stop...


... and it's water! Hurray! Just like being on holiday all over again!


We believe dogs smile, and we're certain Otto is smiling in that photo. He's still having a lovely time with Hollie, and this is because of your support, your kindness. So again, from all of us, thank you so very much for sponsoring Otto.


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