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Welcome to your new Hope Pupdate!

Throughout Hope's training journey we'll be sharing lots of lovely Hope photos and videos. These have been very generously shared by her Puppy Volunteer Trainers Barry and Liz, who have looked after plenty of puppies before so she's in very good hands!

While she's a young puppy, her very first steps involve exploring her senses and becoming confident in her world. This will be a great foundation for becoming an amazing hearing dog, happy to help her eventual deaf partner everywhere, from busy streets to bustling shops. And it all starts like this...

All together now... 'Awwwwww!'

So, does she need to know about toilet rolls? Not especially. Does she need to understand that she's safe and secure, and it's ok to become confident of her senses? Yes, absolutely, and so this is an essential part of her training.

Oh, and if you ask her, does she really need to play with toilet rolls, the answer is definitely yes!

Here's another fun aspect of Hope's life so far - graduating from cardboard rolls to cardboard boxes.

She doesn't just restrict herself to plain old cardboard though. There are lots and lots of toys too, of all different shapes, colours, sizes and smells!

She's been a confident Cockapoo since a very early age indeed. Here are some never-before-seen photos showing her growing up from week one. First up, here she is among her siblings, being looked after by mum.


We name each of our litters after the letters of the alphabet, so Hope was part of the H litter. Her siblings are Honey, Happy, Humphrey, Heidi and Hallie. Honestly, we're not sure which is which above, but we think Hope might be the one on the left.

After lunch, time for a puppy-snooze...


This time we think Hope might be the one on the right. It's so hard to tell! And they're all so cute anyway, it doesn't really matter. Isn't it funny though, how you can get such a split of colour in the one litter?

This is definitely Hope though, no doubt about it...


She would occasionally get a bit of downtime to herself...


... which gave her the chance to experiment with interesting new sleeping positions as she got older...


... even when she was being held in the palm of one hand!


Together, her litter became known as 'The Huggables'. 


And we 'hope' you agree, Hope became even more huggable as she started to grow!


That's all for now. We can't wait to show you more about Hope, this adorable little puppy you're sponsoring, and how she progresses along her training. Today, she's a cute puppy, a 'Huggable', playing with toilet rolls and frolicking in the garden. One day, she'll help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind. This will be through your kindness. But for now, thank you for sponsoring Hope!


Lynette, 22 Feb 2021

Awwww, Hope is so adorable. I hope her training is going well so she can be of help to her new lucky owner :)

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 22 Feb 2021

Thank you Lynette. We agree - she's adorable! And cute! Her training is going very well, because of your kindness in sponsoring her. Thank you for your support. :)

Esme, 16 Mar 2021

Wonderful pictures and videos. Thank you! My 7yr old chose to sponsor Hope for a Christmas present. Your efforts are teaching us a good lesson too!

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 17 Mar 2021

Thank you Esme - and thank you to your 7-year-old for thinking of Hope! That's a great idea for a Christmas present. :)

Sarah, 21 Mar 2021

I have just started to sponsor a puppy & it's lovely getting to know all about Hope. I decided to sponsor a dog after seeing how much a hearing dog has changed a friends life for the better.

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 29 Mar 2021

Thank you Sarah. You're right - the dogs make such a huge difference to deaf people's lives. It's not just a sponsorship, it's a profound act of kindness when you support our puppies. Thank you so much for your generosity.
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