Hope is a confident Cockapoo

Posted by Brendan Cooper

Hope loves the limelight. 







Her Volunteer Puppy Trainers Barry and Liz adore her. Liz tells us: “She loves being centre of attention."


"If she feels she’s out of the spotlight, and our other dog is lying down, she’ll clamber on top of her and precariously balance so that we can all see her.”

The ‘other dog’ here happens to be Arya, another sponsor pup! That’s right: Liz and Barry are training two of our amazing sponsor puppies, and they’re all doing really well.

Barry tells us how Hope and Arya are getting along: “They are definitely best friends already. Arya is fine when Hope sits on her – in fact, we think she quite enjoys it.”

Getting along with anyone and any dog isn’t a problem for this confident little puppy. Back to Liz: “Hope really loves to meet and greet any unsuspecting puppy in the park!”





Apart from being confident, outgoing and adorable, what else do Barry and Liz love about Hope? Barry laughs: “One of her favourite places to sleep is in the conservatory on the cool tiles under the chairs. She remains upside down with all four feet in the air, snoring loudly!”

As Liz says: “Hope loves life, and life is certainly for living!”

Hope’s hearing dog qualities are already coming to the fore. “She is a great listener,” Liz says. “She clearly follows Arya when we are training, and that’s going to help her immensely. Hope is a very intelligent little one and really enjoys new challenges.” So, clever as well as confident! It’s all good for Hope.


Thank you for sponsoring Hope!




Esme, 3 Jan 2021

Wonderful to see photos. Could a video be posted?

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 4 Jan 2021

Hi Esme, we're working on that for Hope's next Pupdate! So, watch this space. Thank you for sponsoring her! :)

Sophie, 5 Apr 2021

Hope is sooo cute, too precious.Anyone would be grateful to have her .

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 7 Apr 2021

Thank you Sophie - we agree! She's cute, cuddly and adorable, and she'll make a deaf person very happy one day. Thank you so much for sponsoring her. :)
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