Hope has fun and loves life

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No videos this time, but absolutely oodles of photos of Hope having fun and loving life.

First, the fun bit. We can't quite decide which is Hope's cutest pose.

Is it this one, with the head tilted to her left?


Or this one, with her head tilted to the right?


What about in the middle, looking at you with her adorable eyes?


No, we still can't decide. So here they all are in one photo!


A bit more fun coming up - Rose absolutely devours the morning papers, you know...


She really does look like she's having fun!

This is still part of her training. She's encouraged to explore her senses and grow in confidence, as she grows in stature. A very attractive by-product of this training is that we get some extraordinarily cute photos.

Now, the bit about 'loving life'...

Hope's Volunteer Puppy Trainers Barry and Liz have also been raising another of our sponsor puppies at the same time, called Arya. It's looking likely that Arya will move on quite soon to help a deaf person, but the time they've spent together has been wonderful.

They've really enjoyed going for walks together...


... and no, we don't know which is which in these photos either!


All we know is that they look so happy with their tails in the air.

Arya has shared everything with Hope, including her bed.

Here they are looking cute (and similar - although this time we can tell Arya is on the left because of the slightly darker fur on her face).


... and whereas they were similar in many ways...


... it has to be said that sometimes Arya got the better of Hope and managed to bag the warmest spot in the bed!


Still, Hope manages to find sleepy spots anywhere - and they don't come sleepier or spottier than this!


That's all for now. We're busily gathering up photos and videos for your next Pupdate, so until then, thank you so much for sponsoring Hope!


Lynette, 22 Feb 2021

Awwww, Hope is so adorable. I hope her training is going well so she can be of help to her new lucky owner :)

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 22 Feb 2021

Thank you Lynette. We agree - she's adorable! And cute! Her training is going very well, because of your kindness in sponsoring her. Thank you for your support. :)

Gloria, 16 Mar 2021

Hope is so cute, just love the photo with her head to the right.

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 16 Mar 2021

Ah, so that's a vote then - head to the right! We just couldn't decide. Thank you for your comment Gloria - and for sponsoring Hope! :)

Ian, 16 Mar 2021

I agree. It's the second photo, head to right. My cockapoo Anji agrees too.

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 16 Mar 2021

Thanks Ian and Anji for casting your vote. In fact, that's two votes. So, head to the right it is! And thank you so much for sponsoring Hope. :)

Karen, 16 Mar 2021

Aww Hope is lovely, love all her photos and updates

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 17 Mar 2021

Thank you Karen, we agree! She is gorgeous and cute and adorable! :) Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting her training journey.

Ann, 17 Mar 2021

Hi Ann Hunt, I love Hope’s cute face and lovely apricot coat. She looks very happy and alert. Looking forward to her training videos. Keep up the good work you are all wonderful 😀👍

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 17 Mar 2021

Hello Ann! Yes, she's got such a cute face, and that head tilt is wonderful, no matter which side she does it. Thank you so much for your kinds words - and for sponsoring Hope. :)

Helen, 26 Mar 2021

We love Hope from Senior 8.

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 29 Mar 2021

So do we! Everyone loves Hope! Thank you for sponsoring her Helen.

Jenny, 31 Mar 2021

Aw she's beautiful. I think head to the right is the cutest but she's cute in all her photos

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 1 Apr 2021

Thank you Jenny - you've sealed the vote. It's definitely head to the right! Thank you for sponsoring Hope, and thank you too for helping us decide which photo is the cutest!

Ann, 10 Apr 2021

Hope is a real cutie. Very fluffy and bouncy but no hairs shed. I love her colouring and she could go more apricot. Keep up the good work you are all doing and look forward to the next Puppy Pen

Brendan@Hearingdogs, 12 Apr 2021

Hello Ann! Yes - very fluffy and bouncy indeed! It's interesting how our dogs can change, and we wouldn't have a problem with more apricot either. Thank you so much for your kind words - and for sponsoring Hope! :)

Caroline, 10 May 2021

So hard to choose, Hope is just the cutest! Great to see these updates and lovely to hear her training is going well!
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