Meet our Spokespeople 

We have a number of spokespeople who are available for interview. Find out who they are and how you can get in touch.     


Dr Bruce Fogle MBE Co-founder

Bruce is the co-founder and vice-chairman of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and is also a veterinarian and author. Bruce offers wealth of knowledge about the Charity, and has written dozens of books about dogs in over 35 languages. Bruce also has an MBE for services to deaf people.

Faith Clark Chairman

Faith has been Chairman of the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People since 2008. Her recent professional life has been spent running various academic grant making organisations. She is also the daughter of the Charity’s co-founder Lady Beatrice Wright. 

Michele Jennings Chief Executive

Michele has been the Chief Executive of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People since 2012 and Chairman of Assistance Dogs UK since 2014. She spent over 20 years in commercial senior management roles in procurement and marketing, and has two degrees in business and law, plus an MBA.

Sue Curtis Client services manager

Sue Curtis has worked at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People since 2008. Sue and the client services team are dedicated to increasing awareness for the needs of deaf people with hearing dogs.

Expert dog trainers

We have a number of highly skilled dog training experts available for interview. We also have highly-trained hearing dogs that can accompany spokespeople into live studios.