Filming opportunities

We have lots of interesting and exciting filming opportunities for broadcast. Find out more information and how to get in touch below.

Filming opportunities include:

Live hearing dog demonstrations to show what a hearing dog does – these can be done in a live studio environment

  • Filming a dog alerting a deaf person to important sounds such as the alarm clock in bed, front doorbell, telephone/text/Skype alert, smoke/fire alarm, cooker timer etc

  • We have a 27 acre training centre in Buckinghamshire which includes a puppy training hall, glass fronted kennels, training houses and training fields

  • We have a training centre at Bielby in Yorkshire

  • Interviews with hearing dog recipients and spokespeople

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about filming with Hearing Dogs please get in touch with our media team on 01844 348100 or email