Find out more about this amazing breed of hearing dogs below. 

Why are Poodles great hearing dogs?

  • They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.
  • They adore human affection and company.
  • Poodles are playful and have a wonderful sense of character about them.
  • Their size and mannerisms make them perfect for older deaf people or those with balance problems.

Meet our latest Poodle puppy recruit

This is Rascal. He is an energetic (and cheeky, as his name suggests!) Poodle puppy who has just started his training journey. With the right amount of love, support - and treats of course - he is going to make an amazing hearing dog and change the life of a deaf person. 

Not only this, but he's pretty cute too! Take a look for yourself.

Rascal trying to hide
Chris Packham with an adorable puppy
Happy Rascal
Rascal enjoying the leaves
Rascal playfully jumping
Rascal catching a breath
Tired pup Rascal
Chris Packham with Rascal
Rascal trying to hide
Chris Packham with an adorable puppy Rascal
Happy puppy Rascal
Rascal enjoying the leaves
Rascal playing
Rascal catching his breath
Nap time for Rascal
Chris Packham holding Rascal

You can help Rascal become a hearing dog

Yes, you! By sponsoring this cute Poodle pup from just £3 a month, you'll help him through his journey to becoming a deaf person's life-changing hearing dog. We'll send you a fab welcome pack, regular updates on his training and lots of fab pics too.

You can also sponsor Rascal as a Christmas gift - perfect for a loved one who adores dogs! 

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