Please could you help give this gift to someone else like me?

In 2020, Jamie fully lost his hearing due to a genetic condition called NF2, leaving him feeling anxious, afraid and alone. Now, with his hearing dog Arthur bringing laughter and connection, Jamie finally feels like himself again

Becoming profoundly deaf was the most soul-destroying thing to ever happen to me.

In 2008, when I was 17, I was diagnosed with NF2. It causes benign tumours to grow on the nerves in my body, mainly in my inner ears. I lost the hearing in my left ear in 2009. I then had chemotherapy for nine years to try to protect my remaining hearing.

At the pub, I would end up standing on my own in silence. Slowly, I lost touch with people. They moved on with their lives and I was basically stuck in the same place.

In 2020, I had an operation on my right ear and lost 100% of my hearing. But I didn’t just lose my hearing, I lost a part of myself. It felt like I was trapped behind a window. I could see people moving, but I had no idea what was happening.

I became too anxious and afraid to go outside on my own. Please could you give a gift today to help more deaf people like me who are feeling lost and alone?

When Arthur arrived, I literally jumped for joy as he got out of the car. For the first time in years, I finally feel like myself again. With Arthur, it’s like my head is finally clear.

Before Arthur, I was too scared to even pay for something in a shop. Now, we have to say hello to every single dog we see – and that means I have to talk to the owners!

A man and a dog photographed in silhouette

I am just one of so many people who need the support and confidence that a hearing dog brings. By giving a gift of £20 today, or whatever you can afford, you could help someone else like me find a positive way to live with hearing loss.

At home, I started to cook as a distraction from my hearing loss and now I do it all the time. Arthur is so good at alerting me to the cooker timer. He is my little assistant who helps me make dinner every night.

To everyone who made our partnership possible, including the incredible people who sponsored Arthur’s training, I can’t thank you enough.

Please will you help give another deaf person like me a fresh start in life?  

A smiling man sitting on a sofa with a dog in his lap. They are both looking at a cook book that the man is holding.

Wishing you a great summertime, 

Jamie and Arthur  pawprint_a.png