What are the impacts of deafness?

How do hearing dogs help deaf people?

Imagine you are deaf. You can’t hear your alarm clock. You can’t hear your text messages. You miss out on social interactions. That’s what life is like for deaf people, and it can be very isolating. A hearing dog can make a big difference. Watch Anne and Tegan's story to see how hearing dogs change lives.

Hearing dogs alert deaf people to important sounds

A big part of a hearing dog’s job is to alert their deaf partner to sounds they would otherwise miss. Sounds such as the smoke alarm, alarm clock, and even a baby's cry. Being aware of these – thanks to a hearing dog – makes a real difference in deaf people’s lives. Watch these short videos to see some of the sounds our hearing dogs alert to.

Have you ever stayed at home waiting for a delivery? Or waiting for someone to pop round? Imagine how frustrating it must be when you cannot hear the doorbell or a knock at your door. See below how a hearing dog alerts to a doorbell.

They help deaf people leave loneliness behind

Our clever hearing dogs don’t just alert their deaf partners to important sounds. Just as importantly, they provide emotional support. Through the constant companionship they provide, they give deaf people confidence to reconnect with their family, friends and community, and embrace the life they want to lead.

Our progress

We have matched thousands of our adorable hearing dogs with deaf people since we were launched at Crufts in 1982. Here are some numbers:


Hearing dog partnerships created since 1982


Total number of hearing dogs helping deaf people


Total number of child partnerships


Hearing dog puppies currently in training

Statistics from our Impact Report.

How you can help

We can only help deaf people thanks to our loyal supporters who give money, time and effort to help us train incredible hearing dogs.