The Hearing Dogs Spring R-r-r-raffle!

Sorry our R-r-r-raffle is now closed

Playing our R-r-r-raffle helps to transform deaf people’s lives

We train cute puppies to become amazing hearing dogs, which alert deaf people to important sounds such as the doorbell and fire alarm. Significantly, they also help deaf people leave loneliness behind and reconnect with family, friends, and the community around them. It can be  and often is  life-changing.

When you play our R-r-r-raffle (yes, you do have to say it like that) you help more deaf children and adults throughout the UK, plus you stand the chance to win a great prize.

You can also play the Weather Lottery which also helps raise valuable funds to support our work.

For more information about the Terms and Conditions of our Raffle and Lottery, Policies that apply, and ways to tackle problem gambling, see our Raffle and Lottery terms page.