Donation Enquiries

My bank details have changed. How can I update them?

If you would like to notify us of changes to your bank details please phone us on 01844 348 109 or write to us at Hearing Dogs for Deaf people. Because email is not secure, please do not send us any personal or banking details by email.

How do I notify you of a change of address?

Please phone us or email us at with your name, your old address, your new address (including the postcodes). Please include any supporter or reference number if available to help us quickly make the changes.

Can I pay or donate by cheque?

Yes, of course. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ and can be posted to: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, The Grange, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Buckinghamshire, HP27 9NS. If you prefer to pay directly into our bank account, please call us for the details.

Can I change the amount of my regular gift online?

Not at this time (we are working to introduce this facility soon). If your gift is payable by direct debit, please telephone or write to us, including your name, address (including the postcode) and a supporter reference number if you have it to hand. Please let us know the new amount you would like to give and the date on which you would like us to start collecting your donation (our Direct Debits are processed on the 1st or 15th of each month). We will then send you a letter to confirm the changes. Please do not send personal or banking details by email as email is not secure.