Volunteers' Week 2020 - Pet Volunteers

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Pet Volunteers

There’s one extra-special group of volunteers that we definitely cannot forget to thank during Volunteers’ Week and that is our pet volunteers!

By this we mean the long-suffering pets who have shared their beds, seen many a hearing dog puppy come and go, and rue the day their owners sent in their volunteer application form! We jest. Of course, lots of pets and hearing dog trainees become firm besties. Let’s meet a few of these pet volunteers (past and present) who play their own very important role at Hearing Dogs...

1. 9-year-old whippet Olly has been an exemplary big bro to many hearing dog puppies. Here he is with his newest recruit, little cutie Ciara.

PV Ciara collage.jpg


2. Pet dog Ollie was always happy to let hearing dog trainees use him as a giant fluffy pillow! We can tell puppy Bilbo definitely appreciated the snuggles.

PV Bilbo.jpg


3. Guinea Pigs Pumba, Janet, and Lady are well versed in the world of Hearing Dogs as they live with one of our Dog Trainers. All three comfortably interact with our trainees and don't bat an eyelid at the latest Labrador!

PV Guinea.jpgPV Guinea and Otto.jpg


4. “Travel at your own pace and you will arrive.” ET (Elizabeth Tortoise) and her companions offer their wisdom to young puppy Gwen.

PV Gwen collage.jpg


5. The girls are not so sure if they want Ethan to join the hen party.

PV Ethan hens.jpg


6. Let’s do a Tongue Out Tuesday! Unfortunately, Elsa’s tall friend forgot to send the memo.

PV Elsa.jpg


7. Mia and Casper the cat demonstrating the perfect ‘top and tail’!

PV Mia.jpg


8. Hearing Dog Duncan initiating play with his pig pal.

PV Duncan.jpg


A big Volunteers’ Week well done to all of our pet volunteers for being such superstars. Thanks to them, our trainees are used to living with cats, other dogs, small furries, feathered friends and all sorts of different animals and that really helps expand their life experiences. We suspect they have no idea how important they truly are to Hearing Dogs and helping deaf people leave loneliness behind, so thank you Pet Volunteers!


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