Volunteers' Week 2020 - Training at home

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Training at home

Although puppy classes have been put on hold and daily exercise was temporarily restricted, our volunteers have come up with some incredibly inventive and entertaining ways to keep up their dog's training. Take a look at some of the wonderful things our volunteers and our hearing dog trainees have been getting up to…

1. Carrot Challenges

TFH carrot.jpg

We all know that our pups just love carrots! Luckily for them, our volunteers have been making fun new ways to enjoy their favourite snack, often sharing their dog’s adorable and hilarious attempts on social media.


2. Fancy Dress Days

TFH fancy dress.jpg

Some of our volunteers have even worn fancy dress to give our pups-in-training new, and sometimes surprising, experiences. Volunteer Puppy Trainer Reyes Nuno wanted to provide Peppa the Poodle with a sensory walk, so decided to dress up a banana. As you do! Similarly, Liv and Christian Pulfer have been dressing up as postal delivery workers so Herbie the Spaniel could familiarise himself with people coming to the door and different uniform. Top banana guys!


3. Different dinners

TFH dinnertime.jpg

Our volunteers have also been getting creative at meal times. From snuffle mats to toilet rolls, from egg boxes to cupcake trays, Hearing Dogs volunteers have been keeping their pups stimulated at dinner time by placing food into unusual receptacles!


4. At-home agility

TFH agility.jpg

Our volunteers have adjusted amazingly well to keeping up their dog’s training from home and have even been setting up agility courses for extra fun. This is such a great way for our pups to keep mentally and physically busy, learn new tricks and even keep their volunteer in shape too!


5. Holidaying-at-home

Although weekends away and holiday plans have been shelved, this hasn’t stopped our volunteers from creating holiday-like experiences at home for their dogs. Quite the contrary in fact...

TFH caravan.jpg

Despite not being able to take their caravan to the beach, Buffy and her volunteer Glenys Smith still decided to hop in and enjoy the caravan from their driveway! Buffy looks like she had a wonderful time even without the sand!

TFH ziggy goes camping.jpg

Although unable to go on their camping trip, Ziggy’s Volunteer Puppy Trainers still set up their tent in the garden, giving Ziggy the opportunity to experience the camping life from home. We think he likes it!

TFH cruise.jpg

Kevin and Marylyn Rafferty set sail on their virtual cruise to France and Spain from the garden! Hearing dog-in-training Spike was thrilled to be able to join them, and whilst he confirms he has completely mastered doggy paddle he was gateful that a life jacket had been sensibly provided. You can never be too careful around garden ponds huh Spike?!


We can’t thank our volunteers enough for the hard work they’ve been putting in with their dog training despite not having the usual resources and classes. It’s been so inspiring and heart warming to see how incredibly inventive and motivated they've been. Our pups are so lucky to have such great volunteer trainers and we’re sure they appreciate everything they’re doing as much as we do.

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