Volunteers' Week 2020 - Virtual Volunteering

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Virtual Volunteering

Whist public fundraising events have been put on hold, our amazing volunteers have continued to support us and have found ways to fundraise from their homes. Lots of our volunteers have been also been taking up micro-volunteering roles, such as our clever crafters and virtual dog walkers...

1. Beautiful bunting

VV bunting.jpg

Stella Hewett took part in our micro-volunteering role of making bunting and what a truly beautiful job she did! A huge thank you to Stella for supporting us from her home.


2. Crafty Toys

VV dog toys.jpg

Wonderful hearing dog recipient Sheila Hodge also took to clever crafting by making and selling these completely gorgeous knitted dog bones! Thank you so much to Sheila.


3. Terrific 2.6 Challenges

VV 2.6.jpg

We saw so many of our incredible volunteers and supporters take part in the 2.6 Challenge. We loved seeing everyone’s wonderful and creative challenges, from walking to yoga, from sketching to dog trick challenges, plus everything in between. Each challenge was completely fabulous, and with everyone’s help the 2.6 Challenge for Hearing Dogs raised over £12,000!


4. Virtual quizzes 


Many of our volunteers and supporters have also been taking part in regular online quizzes to help raise money for Hearing Dogs. Not only has this been a great fundraising initiative, it’s also been a wonderful way for our community to virtually get together and have some fun!


5. Pawfect Pups

VV doggos.jpg

Volunteer Pauline Rodgers has also continued to fundraise for Hearing Dogs by making and selling these gorgeous pups! She’s now made several ‘litters’ and has generously donated her profits to Hearing Dogs.


6. Virtual Great British Dog Walks

VV vGDBW.jpg

Although our Great British Dog Walks had to be put on hold, that didn’t stop our amazing volunteers from taking part in our Virtual Great British Dog Walks instead! Not only did our volunteers fundraise for Hearing Dogs by joining in, they also shared their inventively shaped routes and fab photos with one another.


We are so grateful to all of our volunteers who have taken part in so many different volunteering and fundraising roles from their homes. Despite the restrictions, our volunteers have still found ways to support us, from sewing to walking, and so much more. We couldn’t be more thankful to each and every volunteer who has been taking part.

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