Volunteer of the Month - October 2018 - Jane Harrison

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Hearing dog recipient Jane Harrison from Coventry has been a volunteer for nearly eight years and is one of those kind people who are so genuinely willing to help wherever and whenever she can.

With her faithful hearing dog, cockerpoo Indi, by her side, Jane has spread the word about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to a huge number of people in her role as a volunteer speaker. Her talks being all the more powerful as they come from the heart and her first-hand experience of just what an incredible difference these clever dogs make to deaf people.


In addition to being a volunteer speaker, Jane is also an energetic fundraiser. This year alone, she organised a charming and very successful Vintage Valentine’s Tea Party in February, and is now in the final preparation stages of a Murder Mystery evening which is taking place in November.

Community Fundraising Manager, Vicky Ryan, says: “Jane is extremely creative and made all of the Vintage Tea Party cake stands and decorations. She regularly holds table top sales where she sells crafts items in aid of Hearing Dogs. Jane is always open to trying new things - she is currently trialling soap making which, if successful, will join her range of items ‘made with love’ for her favourite charities.”

Jane is such a generous, genuine and tireless person that she inspires these qualities in others too. “An army of people came along to help make the Valentine’s Tea Party a success” continues Vicky, “and what a success it was, with a healthy profit being made from this sell out event. The upcoming Murder Mystery is sure to be the same. It’s being co-organised by a Beth Warner, a writer/actor friend of Jane’s who is giving her time and skills for free, plus Becky Evans of Squab Hall Farm who is very generously providing the venue free-of-charge and a delicious menu at cost to help us maximise the amount we can raise – all because of Jane.”

Beth concludes: “Jane is a true humanitarian. From a very young age I picked up on how kind Jane is - she has always been and always will be a thoughtful, caring person. She has raised money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for years. I regularly see from her Facebook posts that she has been to do talks at schools and community centres, and travels some distances to the craft fairs she supports. Jane has said that Indi has changed her life in such a positive way that she wants to help others through her volunteering and fundraising. She is a great role model.”

A last few Murder Mystery tickets remain: https://www.hearingdogs.org.uk/support/events/murder-mystery-dinner/

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