Volunteers of the Month - November 2018 - Paul & Christine Lowdon

Posted by Victoria Leedham

Hearing Dogs training scheme was launched in Tyne & Wear in January 2015 and Paul & Christine Lowdon were two of the first volunteers to sign up – handily living in Whitley Bay, which is the location of one our training classes in the North East area.

Upon joining us they said: “We are both just retired and want to put something back into the community and to help people. More walking is on the new year’s resolution list, and it’ll be nice to have some canine company to join us.” 

How modest that statement has turned out to be! From the moment the Tyne & Wear satellite area got going, Paul & Christine have been hugely supportive of the charity in every way possible.

The Lowdons & Poppies

Ailsa Ramage, Training Team Leader, explains: “Paul & Christine signed up as Training from Home volunteers nearly four years ago and from day one they have gone above and beyond that role to support Hearing Dogs. They’ve attended fundraising and volunteer recruitment events, and most recently Christine has registered as a much-needed speaker for the area. They have even persuaded their daughter Rachel Lowdon in Edinburgh to join the Hearing Dogs family and become a short-term volunteer for that area!”

“I am really grateful to Paul & Christine not only for the dedication they’ve given to all their dogs, but also for the support they have given us in establishing the Tyne & Wear puppy socialising area. They are incredibly helpful and always volunteer with a cheery smile and welcoming word to newcomers - they’re just great!”

In addition to their many fundraising activities, managing collection boxes in the area, personal giving through our puppy sponsorship scheme, Community Fundraising Manager Lucy Ward is delighted Christine is now spreading the word about the Charity locally: "She is doing a great job as a reliable and confident speaker. As fundraisers, Christine & Paul are always happy to help and great members of the team.”

We’re lucky that Paul & Christine enjoy their volunteering so much that their happy disposition rubs off on others. They are active and fun-loving members of the online volunteering family through Yammer and always have amusing tales to tell of the dogs they’ve had to stay like Edna, Una, Mini, Kenny, Wally, Blaze & Goldie.

Lowdons Grandchildren

Rachel says: “All the dogs are so different and with such diverse personalities that it’s exciting to see who’ll come along next! Mum and Dad do always feel sad when the dog leaves but grow to love the new one just as much as the last, knowing they are going on to improve somebody’s life and make a massive difference to their deaf recipients. I think they’ve both secretly had their favourites over the years and they’ve kept to their word about going out for regular walks – Hearing Dogs is keeping them fit and healthy!”

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