Volunteer of the Month - June 2018 - Maureen Poulton

Posted by Victoria Leedham

How lucky we were that Maureen came along to one of volunteer recruitment fairs at The Beatrice Wright Centre. She modestly “hoped to be of some assistance”, but in fact brought a complete wealth of skills and experience from her days of university project management. From databases to spreadsheets, from research to office administration, Maureen has been thoroughly capable from the get-go!

Lucy Ward, Community Fundraising Manager, explains: “Since Maureen started with us two years ago she has proved to be a huge help to the Hearing Dogs team in Yorkshire. Not only does she now manage all the Thursday Tour bookings here on a weekly basis, she also does a great job of hosting the tour as well. On top of this she is an active Volunteer Speaker inspiring groups out in the community to support the Charity, as well as helping out at all sorts of events across the area.”

“Maureen is a natural born fundraiser she never misses a trick when it comes to jumping on an opportunity. She is super-efficient, professional and great with people. Always cheerful, friendly and happy to help out even when it involves very early starts on a Sunday morning to travel to our Great British Dog Walks!”

It’s great when a volunteer brings along a sunny and can-do attitude like Maureen. Centre Manager, Lizzie Phillips, remarks: “Maureen is a ray of sunshine in the office. She always comes in with a smile and a friendly chat”.

And Gemma Wardle, Community Fundraising Support Officer, really appreciated her kindness when she joined Hearing Dogs in February this year: “Maureen was very warm and welcoming to me when I started. She always stops to say hello and have a quick chat when she comes into the office and is extremely committed to volunteering. I greatly admire how nothing seems to be too much trouble for Maureen, even coming in to do a Thursday Tour when she was ill!”

Maureen has been so busy for us this year despite fighting off the flu. With tour bookings, tours, speaking engagements and helping at events it’s difficult to remember how we ever got on without her! Always going the extra mile, she’s even got a keen eye for volunteer recruitment: “Maureen is amazing when it comes to keeping us up to date with new volunteer enquiries - she is so efficient with passing on details of any Beatrice Wright Centre tour visitors who express an interest, so we can get back to them straight away” reports Angela Brazier, Volunteer Enquiries & Applications Coordinator.

Lucy Ward concludes: “In a nutshell Maureen is an absolute star! She is a huge support to me and a great personality to have around - we would be lost without her”.

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