Volunteers of the Month - July 2018 - Bruce & Sandra Carruthers

Posted by Victoria Leedham

There’s not many couples more charismatic, charming and convivial than Bruce & Sandra Carruthers, and to say they joined the volunteer family with gusto would be an understatement!

Sandra, Harley & Bruce Carruthers

A year ago they came along to one of our Thursday Tours, the following week they sampled a Volunteer Coffee Afternoon, two weeks later we’d completed their volunteer application paperwork, by early autumn they’d been matched to Poodle stud dog Harley and since then it’s difficult to remember a time when they weren’t popping by, saying hello and adding so much to the friendly ambience here at Hearing Dogs.  

Fast forward to the opening of The Grange Restaurant & Gift Shop in May this year, and what duo could be more suited to be our weekend host and hostess with the most?!

Bruce & Sandra gamely cover Saturday and Sunday shifts of meeting and greeting guests with broad smiles, a warm welcome and much knowledge of the Charity for the many inquisitive visitors that arrive with questions about our work as much as healthy appetites!

The Grange restaurant and retail team could not be more appreciative: “Bruce & Sandra are extra friendly, extra chatty - perfect for spreading the word about Hearing Dogs. On Father’s Day, Sandra even phoned (off-duty) Bruce to come and help as the restaurant had its busiest day by far - he drove over without hesitation which speaks volumes of their kindness and commitment.”

And our guests love them too! Sandra recently had a fan club of six twenty-somethings who all hugged and thanked her for her wonderful customer service. And a feedback card reported a “super welcome from a gentleman volunteer”, which we immediately knew was Bruce.

When their respective shifts are done, Bruce & Sandra head home to Harley. “Even though they never expected to fall in love with a Poodle, the Carruthers’ complete love and dedication to new super-stud, Harley, can't be ignored,” reports Puppy Supply Supervisor, Sarah Jones. “He has already fathered fourteen pups, with another litter due any day now. Bruce & Sandra are amazing volunteers in their role as stud dog holders and we love having them and Harley as part of our Breeding Scheme family.”

Looking back on the past year, it seems prophetic that we first emailed Bruce & Sandra saying “We can see you fitting in here an absolute treat!”. There’s never been a truer word and we do hope that this truly delightful couple will be volunteering here for years and years to come.

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