Try our lip-reading challenge

Posted by Sarah O'Brien

Try our lipreading game and see if you can work out what the celebrities are saying. You'll be surprised how many words look the same on the lips. You can challenge your friends by sharing your score on social media when you've finished the quiz. Good luck!


How hard did you have to concentrate?

Deafness can be tiring as you have to concentrate extremely hard to follow conversations.  Imagine how hard it would be if two people were talking at the same time. Many of the answers above make use of similar lipshapes and even if you lipread every day it's impossible to understand everything. In fact many lipreaders welcome gestures, signs or other clues to help them follow conversations. Some people also find it more difficult to lipread than others, just like some people find it harder to draw than their friends. But lipreading is a skill that can be developed with practice so the best thing to do when you are talking to a deaf person is to speak directly to them, include the topic of your conversation from the start, and don't talk too quickly or too slowly so they have the best chance of following the conversation. If you would like to learn more, get our top tips on how to communicate with deaf people here.

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