This month in training: February 2018

Posted by Sarah O'Brien

Our clever hearing dog puppies have been doing a super job in their training this month. Take a look at what they've been learning and why below! 

1. Nancy went for her first walk!

This is another great example of our hearing dog classes taking to the public to show a pup what life will be like when they're out and about with their deaf recipient! Didn't she do well? 

2. Kennedy took the train to Coventry

It’s really important our hearing dog pups experience travelling on public transport before they become a hearing dog. If a deaf person gets a train to work, we want to make sure their new hearing dog is comfortable with this experience. Hearing dog puppy Kennedy was really relaxed during his first train ride and is looking forward to his next public transport outing.

3. Nala also took the train!

We slowly introduce our dogs to busier places, from villages to towns and then to cities. We always make sure the dog is comfortable with a small place before we take them somewhere bigger.

4. Hearing dog puppy Marcus learned about impulse control

It’s really important that hearing dogs have impeccable manners at all times, especially when they’re assisting a deaf person in public. So we teach our pups about impulse control, which helps them to think about their immediate impulses as they might not always be the right thing to do. Puppy socialising volunteers show the pups that they sometimes have to ‘wait’ patiently to get what they want.

The best way to practice this is with food – as demonstrated by a very calm hearing dog puppy Marcus, who is waiting for his puppy socialising volunteer to give him the go ahead to eat the yummy treats on his paws. He devoured them in true Labrador style!

5. Neal and Otto learned about sharing (and personal space) 

Two of our new recruits are staying with older hearing dog pup Nelson's puppy socialising volunteer. Both pups had to learn about sharing toys, playing gently together and how to be patient - as demonstrated by Nelson! 

It's really important that working hearing dogs get on well with other dogs, especially if a recipient already has a pet or a retired hearing dog. Play dates like this mean we can make sure our puppies show all the signs of a happy, playful and calm playmate. 


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