This month in training: January 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

A new year and lots of new things for our clever hearing dog puppies to learn. Here's what they've been up to in their all-important training.

1. "Oh we do like to be beside the seaside."

Nando and Bear had fun at the beach

All hearing dog puppies get to have a run round and explore a beach in their training - in case their future partner lives by the sea or plans to holiday there. Miniature poodle Nando and cocker spaniel Bear are both at the start of their journey, but loved running and playing on the sand at West Wittering.

2. Enya had her first visit to a train station

Enya visited a train station for the first time

It's vital that hearing dogs are experienced and comfortable travelling on public transport before being partnered with a deaf person. Labrador puppy Enya visited the train station for the first time to get used to the surroundings and the noise, and she'll repeat the trip on a few more occassions before travelling on a train for the first time. 

Enya was very interested in the sights and sounds, but wasn't overawed, even when a noisy train sped past. Well done Enya!

3. Magic Merlin practised his impulse control

Merlin practised his impulse control

It’s really important that hearing dogs have impeccable manners at all times, especially when they’re assisting a deaf person in public. So we teach our pups about impulse control, which helps them to think about their immediate impulses as they might not always be the right thing to do.

The best way to practice this is with food – as demonstrated by a very calm hearing dog puppy Merlin, who is waiting for the go ahead to eat the yummy treats on his paws. Merlin is a bit of a wizard at impulse control and thoroughly enjoyed his rewards.

4. Tinker joined the Hearing Dogs training scheme

Tinker joined the Hearing Dogs training scheme

Meet 10-week-old Tinker, who has just moved in with his puppy socialiser. It can sometimes take puppies a few days to get used to their new homes, but Tinker immediately found a place to relax - right next to the radiator.

Tinker will now start his hearing dog training and he'll learn all the skills needed to help a deaf person reconnect with life.

5. Take a bow, Bow!

Bow showed off his perfect settle at a cafe

Eight-month-old Bow was keen to show off what he's been learning in his training when his socialiser took him to a busy cafe. Despite the noise and all the new people to play with, Bow performed an excellent settle and was the paw-fect customer.

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June, 10 Jan 2019

Hello Matt and everyone! I sponsor Leo, named after my dear husband Leonard, who died in 2013. He would certainly love Leo; such an alert, happy pup! Like all the other puppies, they will change a person's life immeasurably.

Matt, 10 Jan 2019

Hi June! That's such a lovely thing to do, thank you so much for sponsoring Leo and supporting Hearing Dogs. Leo is the happiest puppy and we know that he will go on to make such a difference. I hope you enjoy following his journey along the way, and that you're ready for lots of adorable photos.
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