This month in training: December 2018

Posted by Matt Sadler

Our clever hearing dog puppies have been busy learning new skills, which will one day help a deaf person leave loneliness behind. Here's what they've been up to this month.

1. Ginny joined our training scheme

Ginny joined the Hearing Dogs training scheme

A very warm welcome to 10-week-old Ginny, who has just started her training classes. Although puppies can learn some of the basic obedience training at this stage, we really focus on their social development to make sure they become relaxed, confident and happy dogs.

2. Faith passed the first stage of her training

 Faith passed the first stage of her hearing dog training

A huge round of a-paws to Faith, who has passed her Puppy One Star and is well on the way to becoming a life-chaning hearing dog. Next up for Faith is building on what she has already been taught and learning all about good behaviour and social interactions.

3. Ziggy did a spot of Christmas shopping

Ziggy went Christmas shopping

Ziggy was on the hunt for Christmas bargains as he hit the shops, and he was incredibly well behaved despite all the noise and many people.  

It's important that hearing dogs visit busy and interesting places like shops as they need to understand all the things on display are not for them.

4. Henny demonstrated her impressive impulse control

Henny demonstrated her impressive impulse control

Henny is in the final stages of her hearing dog training and she was very keen to show off her fantastic impulse control. 

Self control is an important skill for a happy, relaxed and calm dog. It's not just about teaching a dog to resist treats, it's about them learning to control themselves in a positive way, and of course she got to eat them after.

5. River mastered his treat game

It took a couple of attempts, but a persistent River managed to work out this game to get the treats. Games like this are fantastic for our four-legged friends as it teaches them problem solving in a fun and rewarding way.

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