This month in training: September 2020

Posted by Matt Sadler

For the last few months, all of our clever pups have been being trained exclusively in the homes and gardens of our amazing volunteer puppy trainers. They’ve had a whale of a time, learning lots of new things and, of course, having lots of play time!

Certain aspects of our puppies’ training (such as learning to feel comfortable in public places) have been able to gradually start up again. For example, being gently re-introduced to certain places like supermarkets. This is a really important part of their training, as when our pups are older and are partnered with a deaf person they will accompany them to lots of different places, so need to have all the skills they need to be calm and well-behaved in public places.

There are some places we are still not able to take our pups, so until things are fully ‘back to normal’ our volunteer puppy trainers continue to do a great job training them in different ways, to ensure that these adorable pups will one day be able to help deaf people leave loneliness behind.

1. Buddy hit the shops

Hearing dog in training Buddy at the supermarket

A huge well done to Buddy, who has reached a major milestone in his hearing dog training...

Our clever yellow Labrador went on his first visit to a supermarket and was an absolute star. He even walked straight past the meat section without so much of a backwards glance.

2. Zula has been busy learning at home

Zula is getting ready to follow in Buddy’s footsteps and has been practising in a homemade shop environment before taking a trip to the real thing.

Zula has also been working on her recall and getting used to nudging objects with her nose, as this is how she will alert her future partner to a sound.

3. Arlo is such a clever pup

Now this is very impressive for such a young pup.

Cocker spaniel Arlo isn't even eight months old yet, but he is already learning how to alert to certain sounds.

4. Mocha's been practising his basic cues with vocal commands and sign language

Did you know hearing dogs are trained using both voice commands and British Sign Language?

This is miniature poodle Mocha practising his basic cues with both. Clever boy Mocha.

5. Don't Zippy and Kooper look smart?

Cocker spaniel Zippy and yellow Labrador Kooper wearing their training jackets

Hearing dogs in training Zippy and Kooper have both been getting used to wearing their burgundy training jackets.

Our dogs are awarded their jackets after passing the second stage of hearing dog training - the 'Puppy Two Star' - and feeling relaxed and comfortable in them can sometimes take a bit of time.

Cocker spaniel Zippy has been practising wearing his at home, while yellow Labrador Kooper has worn his on a walk for the very first time.

6. Kes has reached a training milestone

Congratulations to clever Kes, who has raced through the first stage of his hearing dog training.

Kes has been practising his basic cues with some help from nine-year-old Harrison, working on his impulse control and showing off some very impressive recall.

7. Gabby has passed her Hearing Dogs assessment!

Finally, some wonderful news to bring you as Gabby has passed her assessment to become a life-changing hearing dog!

Gabby will now have the very exciting moment of meeting her future partner for the very first time. Thank you so much to everyone who has played such a big role in her training.

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Ena, 15 Sep 2020

I have recently read the newsletter and was thrilled to read the story of Molly and her partner. Molly was my very first sponsored puppy and it was wonderful to read of her new life. I have since sponsored Marnie and am now on Daisy and look forward to perhaps reading about their success stories in the newsletter some time in the future.

Matt, 21 Sep 2020

Hi Ena, thank you so much for your incredibly generous support! Molly is an absolute superstar and it is only thanks to our supporters that we can train wonderful pups like her to change lives. We are sure Marnie and little Daisy will do you just as proud as well. Best wishes, Matt.
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