This month in training: September 2019

Posted by Matt Sadler

Arya’s first day at school, Benny on the bus and clever Kipper passing his assessment. It’s been a busy few weeks for our hearing dog puppies in their all-important training classes.

Here’s what they’ve been up to:

1. Arya started learning all about becoming a life-changing hearing dog

Cockapoo puppy Arya started her hearing dog training

With her trusty backpack in tow, this was sponsor puppy Arya before her first ever training class.

The first stage of training - the 'Puppy One Star' helps our puppies explore the world through their senses, and also sees them meet new people and other dogs so they learn how to interact nicely. This is where our puppies also master their basic commands, such as sit, down and wait. 

2. Devon settled beautifully at a cafe

Black Labrador Devon waited patiently at a busy cafe

Black Labrador Devon has already mastered those, and she showed off the perfect settle in a busy cafe.

Our clever dogs learn to settle in places they will frequently visit with their deaf partner and Devon wasn't fussed at all about being in a public place. Well done, Devon! 

3. Explorer River enjoyed a day at the beach

Cocker spaniel River enjoyed a day at the beach

All hearing dog puppies get to have a run round and explore a beach in their training - in case their future partner lives by the sea or plans to holiday there.

Cocker spaniel River is always up for an adventure and he loved digging in the sand and having a paddle when he went to Thorney Bay in Canvey Island.

4. Jerry has been learning all about trains

Black Labrador Jerry has been learning all about trains

Jerry's training has involved... well, trains.

He is getting used to the sights & sounds and will soon go on his first journey.

As hearing dogs may use public transport with their partner, it's important they are comfortable with the experience.

5. Benny went one stage further and practised on public transport

 Hearing dog puppy Benny on the bus

Benny was the perfect passenger when he took the bus as part of his hearing dog training. Benny was relaxed throughout the journey and every so often would look up at his volunteer puppy trainer to make sure they were okay.

6. Kooper had a friend over to play

Yellow Labrador puppy Kooper had a friend over to play

Yellow Labrador puppy Kooper had a brilliant afternoon when his friend came to play. Playdates like this are not only lots of fun for our dogs, but it also teaches them how to play nicely.

Being comfortable and relaxed around other dogs and different animals is a great skill for any hearing dog to have, as their future deaf partner may already have a pet of their own.

7. Barney passed the second stage of hearing dog training

Cocker spaniel Barney passed the second stage of hearing dog training

Congratulations to cocker spaniel Barney, who is proudly showing off his rosette for passing the second stage of hearing dog training - the 'Puppy Two Star'.

Barney will now be able to wear his burgundy training jacket when out training and he will be slowly introduced to new places, as well as practising keeping his focus when there are more distractions around. You can find out what else Barney will be learning here.

8. Kipper aced his hearing dog assessment!

Well done to Kipper, who is a huge step closer to helping a deaf person to leave loneliness behind after passing his hearing dog assessment. The next stage for Kipper is to meet his future partner and have a good sniff around his potential new home.

This video was taken a few weeks ago when Kipper was practising alerting to a doorbell in preparation for his assessment. 

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