This month in training: October 2023

Posted by Matt Sadler

Cockapoo Vegas has started his early hearing dog training, Hope and Storm have been on an adventure together, and marvellous Magic shows off his very impressive soundwork. Find out what our clever pups have been learning in their training.

1. Viva puppy Vegas!

Eleven-week-old cockapoo puppy Vegas is settling into life with his volunteer trainer brilliantly.

Vegas is at the very start of his hearing dog training and this stage of training is called the Puppy One Star.

Vegas will practise his basic cues like 'sit', 'down' and 'wait', he will learn how to play nicely with people and other puppies, and he will be encouraged to investigate new sights, sounds and smells.

2. Hope and Storm are the perfect passengers

Labrador Hope and cockapoo Storm have been on a train journey together.

Our adventurous best buddies have been getting used to travelling by trains and buses in case their future deaf partners use public transport.

Great job, Hope and Storm!

3. Fabulous Freddie

Fantastic Freddie has also been on a train and he has been on a trip into London as he continues to practise on public transport and in busier environments.

Freddie has been slowly introduced to busier places, from villages to towns and then to cities, making sure he is comfortable throughout.

Well done, Freddie.

4. Ruby and Amber are looking very smart

Sisters Amber (left) and Ruby have been getting used to wearing their burgundy training jackets, as they prepare to start practising in public places.

Amber and Ruby will wear their jackets when in shops, cafés and other venues, and they will also wear them when travelling on public transport.

Visiting these places is the next step in Ruby and Amber's training, and we know they will take the new environments in their stride.

5. A spot of shopping

Practising in shops and other public places is a vital part of hearing dog training, as these are environments our clever dogs will visit every day with their deaf partners.

The world can be a very exciting place for a dog, but like many of us, they can be a little unsure of new experiences and strange places.

This is why we build on their resilience by taking our dogs to all kinds of new places and events, showing them that they are environments they can feel relaxed and comfortable in.

6. Super Sherlock

We train all our dogs to walk nicely on their leads. If their deaf partner uses a mobility aid then our clever pups also learn to walk calmly alongside them.

Cocker spaniel Sherlock has been practising walking next to a frame without getting too excited or inquisitive.

Sherlock has also been learning to alert to a fire siren with the added distraction of the walking frame nearby.

This is a sound Sherlock will only hear when accompanying his partner to public places, which is why he is wearing his burgundy jacket.

7. Magical soundwork
Marvellous Magic has passed his final assessment to be a hearing dog and here he is demonstrating his super soundwork.
Hearing dogs are trained to alert deaf people to a number of important and potentially life-saving sounds, and in this video, you will see Magic alerting to a doorbell and timer. This alert sees Magic nudge his volunteer trainer with his nose before leading her to the sound.
You will also see Magic performing the danger signal to the smoke alarm and fire siren, including when his volunteer trainer is in bed.
The alert to a danger sound is different as Magic nudges with his nose before lying down. This is because we wouldn't want him to lead anyone towards a potentially hazardous situation.
Congratulations to Magic and his amazing team!

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